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Our mission is to provide professional culinary training, educational workshops and food industry consulting


"Duane is someone I have gone to over the last three years for career advice and guidance. He is persistently honest, and takes the time to talk me through career-altering decisions."


Duane has been my career coach for a year now and our time together has been truly transformative. When I reached out to Duane, I was looking for guidance from someone successful that I respect in the hospitality field. With Duane’s coaching, I have a better understanding of myself and my career goals. In the time Duane invested in me, he led me through several exercises. These exercises helped me decide what is important to me when looking for a job, such as, commonly shared values and community outreach. Once I achieved greater insight into my values, Duane and I discussed my skills and how to effectively showcase them. This entire coaching process has given me a significantly stronger resume and interviewing skills. After receiving career coaching with Duane and applying the skills I developed I was able to secure a great job with a major hotel corporation. I continue to use many of the skills Duane taught me in my day to day job and life. Duane’s passion, dedication, and approach to career coaching have been absolutely instrumental to my success.

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